Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh no! Not again! / O nie! Tylko nie znowu!

A few days ago I posted photos with first signs of spring. Today, my hope for an early spring has come to nothing. 

This is what I saw in the early morning:

Kilka dni temu pokazywałam Wam pierwsze oznaki wiosny w ogrodzie. Dzisiaj, cała moja nadzieja na wczesniejszą wiosnę legła w gruzach.

Oto co zobaczyłam dzisiaj wczesnym rankiem:


Later in the morning...


  1. Hi Dewberry,

    it seems like winter's not over yet?? Lucky the orchids are indoor!

  2. I echo - Oh no! Is it heading our way I wonder?

  3. Oh yes...that happens here to. Just as soon as you really think spring is coming, winter proves differently! Enjoy the moisture :-)

  4. Zima nie chce niestety odejść, ale ma prawo, bo to jeszcze jej czas. Pozdrawiam.

    1. Snow covered tree is really beautiful, nature's art. How I miss my time in Europe.

  5. I know you probably want spring to be here - but the pictures are really beautiful. It never snows in Sunny CA and sometimes I miss the seasons with snow - but not for long.

  6. Well, same here. Every morning there is a fresh blanket of snow, 10 cm, and it's freezing cold. So sick of it !

  7. Piękne widoki!!! Zapraszam do odwiedzenia mojego bloga fotograficznego z widokami z okna

  8. So beautiful! Don't worry, spring will arrive too!

  9. fajne zdjęcia :)

  10. Last week I was certain I could smell spring and this week it has snowed every day. Clearly there is something seriously wrong with my nose. Winter will not go on forever and when spring arrives, we'll be so busy that we will wish we could have a snow day - just one - to stop the weeds in their tracks and give us a day snuggled up by the computer.