Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bursting with flowers.

I've never had so many dahlias since I started my garden.
It's half of October and dahlias are bursting with flowers! 
It's pure madness! 
They've been flowering since late June.
No other plants make such a good flower performance in mid-autumn. 
What a pity, that when the first frost comes, they're going to be dug up.

 More asters! 💙

I planted some tulip bulbs, but I will write about it another time.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

October, you're moving too fast!

It's almost half of October and I'm still halfway gardening our plot. 
Now, in autumn I can only go there at weekends, and the visit of course depends on the weather. 
Last weekend kids stayed home so I went to the plot alone. 
Unfortunately, it was drizzling all day so I didn't do all that I had planned before. 

I uprooted the annuals that were left. I had hoped before to save a lot of seeds, but I didn't save as much as I wanted - all because of rain, seed-pots were rotting instead of drying. 
I planted some new and replanted some of my old perennials and I still have several shrubs to plant. 
I dug up all gladioli bulbs and several dahlia tubers - I still have about several dozen dahlias to dig up, but I'm waiting for the first frost to come. 

I picked some sunflowers and made the last bouquets with late marigolds.
 The orange ones are fantastic - and they're called Fantastic :)

I think it's the last bunch of dahlias. 
I'm going to miss these fancy dahlia bouquets I was making all summer.

If there weren't any asters planted in the garden, it would be sad and gloomy right now. 
I bought more shades of pink, purple and blue. 

 Asters from our garden


Thursday, October 12, 2017

The gallery of pink roses.


Louise Odier

Lavender Flower Circus

Lavender Dream


Violette Parfumee

Natasha Richardson

Perfume Flower Circus

John Davis

Morden Blush

Versicolor / Rosa Mundi