Thursday, October 5, 2017

Blue for You - incredible lilac rose.

 Blue for You is a bushy rose with amazing lilac flowers. 
Although it isn't fragrant, the flowers itself are quite big so you don't even think about the fragrance when you look at it :) 
Unfortunately, its leaves had turned out to be a delicacy for some insects, so that they perforated them. 

But, luckily, flowers were all safe :)
For me, it's gorgeous! 💙



  1. Beautiful roses! The color is unusual!

  2. I do ‘t Know why they call lilac roses blue? Very pretty but not blue.

  3. Przepiękne kwiaty. Bardzo ładny kolor. Kwiaty zawsze poprawiają mi humor. :) Miłego weekendu Ci życzę, dużo radosnych momentów. :)
    Śliczne zdjęcia. <3

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