Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Perfect dahlias

There're so many dahlia varieties, in so many colors, shades, shapes and sizes. 
Flowers usually change colors when they get more and more mature. 
Sometimes, even one single dahlia tuber can give different flowers, like this one:

Edge of Joy, showing a bit of its parents, I suppose. 

I like many varieties, I can't really choose one which I like the most, but there are some, that I like more than other varieties.

They are, for example, White Perfection and Lavender Perfection, huge, gorgeous dinnerplates dahlias 💙



  1. I like the single varieties and also the pom-poms.

  2. Uwielbiam dalie. Jakie duże. Zachwycające. Patrzę na Twoje zdjęcia i marzę o władnym ogrodzie. :)

    Piękne Dalie posiadasz. :) Życzę Ci miłego dnia, pozdrawiam serdecznie. :)

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