Saturday, October 14, 2017

October, you're moving too fast!

It's almost half of October and I'm still halfway gardening our plot. 
Now, in autumn I can only go there at weekends, and the visit of course depends on the weather. 
Last weekend kids stayed home so I went to the plot alone. 
Unfortunately, it was drizzling all day so I didn't do all that I had planned before. 

I uprooted the annuals that were left. I had hoped before to save a lot of seeds, but I didn't save as much as I wanted - all because of rain, seed-pots were rotting instead of drying. 
I planted some new and replanted some of my old perennials and I still have several shrubs to plant. 
I dug up all gladioli bulbs and several dahlia tubers - I still have about several dozen dahlias to dig up, but I'm waiting for the first frost to come. 

I picked some sunflowers and made the last bouquets with late marigolds.
 The orange ones are fantastic - and they're called Fantastic :)

I think it's the last bunch of dahlias. 
I'm going to miss these fancy dahlia bouquets I was making all summer.

If there weren't any asters planted in the garden, it would be sad and gloomy right now. 
I bought more shades of pink, purple and blue. 

 Asters from our garden



  1. Podziwiam Twoje kwiaty. Bardzo lubię astry. Kiedyś miałam je na balkonie. Ileż one radości mi i mamie dawały. W tym roku miałam też 'Kosmos', ale niestety nie przetrwał za długo. Przepiękne zdjęcia, piękny ogród. Życzę Ci bardzo udanego weekendu. :)

  2. Each season has its star performers doesn’t It?