Saturday, October 21, 2017

Beauty of lettuce

Usually, when we think of lettuce - we see green butterhead, rarely iceberg or cos - but they come in so many variations that some of them don't even look like lettuce.

The lettuces in the pictures below were grown 2 years ago in my garden. 
Since then I haven't been able to grow much lettuce, because of slugs. 
2 years ago I'd spotted a few slugs in my garden, but this year we had a plaque of them! 
That means we had no lettuce this year.
 I love eating and growing lettuce, so next year I'll protect it with a net and plant it in a raised bed. I hope this will help :) 

Deer Tongue

 Devil's Ear

 Celtuce Karola





Bronze Beauty



Tom's Thumb

 2 years ago was a good year to grow lettuce.

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  1. Bardzo dużo odmian sałaty posiadasz. Tyle kolorów. Tyle w niej witamin, nic tylko jeść. hehe Zdecydowanie muszę więcej sałaty jeść. :D

    Życzę Ci udanego weekendu. :)