Friday, February 15, 2013

Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' and linseed cookies / narcyz, żonkil i ciasteczka z siemieniem

At the end of January I bought in Lidl supermarket narcissus 'tete a tete' bulbs in a pot. 
  These yellow flowers bring so much joy to my house when there is still some snow outside!
 It's a pity that they don't smell.
I've read on the news that there are 2 weeks of cold temperatures left. The beginning of March is supposed to bring some warmth and sun to our gardens. I hope it'll turn out to be true. Meanwhile, I've baked some healthy linseed cookies to celebrate flowering narcissuses :)

Pod koniec stycznia kupiłam w Lidlu narcyzy 'tete a tete' w doniczce.
Ich żółte kwiaty wnoszą tyle radości do domu nawet gdy za oknem wciąż pada śnieg!
Szkoda tylko, że nie pachną.
Czytałam w wiadomościach, że zostały tylko 2 tygodnie mrozów. Ponoć początek marca ma być cieplejszy. Mam nadzieję, że tak właśnie będzie. W międzyczasie, chyba z tej całej radości - upiekłam pyszne i zdrowe ciasteczka z siemieniem lnianym :)

more narcissus photos / więcej zdjęć żonkili

The bulbs on the day when I bought them.
Cebulki w dniu, kiedy je kupiłam.

 They started flowering after 10 days.
Zaczęły kwitnąć po 10 dniach.

Every day a new bud is flowering.
Każdego dnia pojwia się nowy kwiat.


  1. Are you going to plant them outside when they finish flowering? - We have lots in the garden but they're not flowering just yet.

    1. Yes, I'll plant them outside later, because my garden is very young and I have only a few daffodils there - which will flower for the first time this spring.

  2. They are beautiful. Yellow is such a cheerful color! Your cookies look yummy.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi Dewberry,

    The narcissus are lovely. Nothing beats yellow to bring cheer! It must be nice having a tete a tete while enjoying the cookies and looking at the blooms!

  4. So glad you have some inside blooms to cheer you up as you wait for warmer weather. Cookies make a double delight!

  5. Tete a tete are pretty daffodils. I planted ten bulbs about five years ago and now only one or two show up. Time to plant more I guess. They do like nice in pots like you have too.

  6. When I look at narcissus, I always remember the legend behind it. What a lovely way to enjoy it with the eyes while indulging the mouth with your most wholesome cookies.

  7. co to za ciasteczka? wyglądają super!

    1. To ciasteczka kruche z siemieniem lnianym :)

  8. Oh daffodils are my favourite flower, but they don't grow here. Gosh those cookies look yummy, I could eat a couple right now....