Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Indoor beauties: moth orchids //doniczkowe piękności: storczyki

Another three moth orchids (phalaenopsis) are flowering:
Kolejne trzy storczyki (phalaenopsis) zaczeły kwitnąć:

Yellowish with pink stripes
 Żółtawy w różowe paseczki

White with dark pink center
Biały z ciemnoróżowym środkiem

Dark pink with smudged edges
Ciemnoróżowy z 'poplamionymi' brzegami


  1. I've only just repotted one of my moth orchids and am still patiently waiting for the other to flower

  2. Mine is 4 years old, still growing but so far no flower.

  3. The orchids are gorgeous! I like how you took the pictures on the window and I can see a bit of the outside. Beautiful photos!

  4. hi dewberry, i have 2 of them but still waiting for their flowers... nice photo fresh orchids

  5. Hi, your orchid pictures are splendid and I enjoy myself very much going through the lovely snow pictures that you had posted in your earlier entries.