Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tomatoes everywhere!

We all love tomatoes!
Tomatoes are for gardeners like gold for pirates :) Ok, I don't mean we steal them or kill for them - but one is clear - we love them. If there wasn't so much interest in them, there wouldn't be so many tomato varieties.

Growing tomatoes in my region is always risky. 
Our plot is situated among forests and a clearing, therefore humidity is quite high. High humidity is the cause of early and late blight occurrence. 
That's why wet summers amount to no tomatoes :(

This year isn't perfect for growing tomatoes. We had cold and rainy spring, then July was wet as well. At the beginning, the plants were growing in a warm foil greenhouse, but one June wind storm destroyed their cozy house. 
Many plants were uprooted because they had been earlier tied to the ceiling and the first clusters were lost. I had to plant them once again but it took some time for them to take roots and adapt to new growing conditions. 

Finally, August brought tomato plants the feeling as if they were growing in the tropics :) 
This led to massive ripening.

The first harvest was a bit late, but it was long awaited :)

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  1. You have had to overcome a lot of problem but still ended up with a wonderful selection of tomatoes