Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mushroom picking

At this time of year, we always go mushrooming. Weather works in our favour so we're picking them, drying, freezing and of course eating :) 

We have parasol mushrooms growing in our garden, so there're always some to pick.

There are more other species we pick, for example, porcini, or bay boletes. 

When my mom goes mushrooming, she always returns with hundreds of mushrooms :)

We also have some oyster mushrooms growing on a stump. 

Autumn is almost here...

Black cherry (prunus serotonina), picked for a liqueur which is my favourite :) 

Mammoth Grey sunflower is probably too late variety for my region and I'm afraid seeds won't  mature before first frosts, but we'll see, maybe autumn will be warm and sunny, who knows?

Chrysantemums and asters are flowering so it means summer has ended.

Late marigolds are also in full bloom. 

And autumn-colored dahlias :) 


  1. We don't even have any flower buds on our chrysanthemums yet,

  2. Your garden is looking beautiful and very productive! We don't get many mushrooms here and those that do grow would probably be dangerous to eat - I expects our climate is much drier than yours. Your chrysanthemums are beautiful, as are your dahlias. Chrysanthemums don't grow well here at all and my dahlias are just about done for the season.

  3. Witaj u siebie. :) Ileż grzybów. Lubię je, niestety mam uczulenie na sporo z nich, ale dzięki Bogu nie na wszystkie. Widzę, że masz ogród, moje marzenie. Tyle pięknych kwiatów. Bardzo przyjemny post. Pozdrawiam serdecznie, miłego dnia. :)

  4. Wow !! I admire your mushroom collection !! I really like to collect mushrooms but unfortunately I do not like to eat them !! Your garden is beautiful !!

  5. How nice your cosmos is! I love them all, nice colors and shapes. You say it's self seeding and easy to grow. perhaps it's right for your place :) In my garden cosmos grow badly, isn't self seeding because of frosty winter.
    Your mushrooms are amazing, I've never hunt them before. I think the parasol mushrooms don't grow here. but the honey agaric (Armillariella) grow in my garden as well. I cook soup with it. :)
    Have a nice day!

  6. Piekne grzybki! U mnie w lasku pojawiły sie w tym roku kanie, ale nie ścinamy, czekamy na większe plony:) Boczniaka mam (niestety) na orzechu włoskim. sam sie tam wysiał, kiedyś uprawiałam boczniaki w paletach ze słomy. Jak nic drzewo padnie...