Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter dishes // Wielkanocne potrawy

 In this post you can see how we celebrate Easter in my family home.
These are some of the dishes  we had yesterday for our Easter Monday breakfast :)


W tym poście możecie zobaczyć jak w moim rodzinnym domu świętujemy Wielkanoc.
Oto co mieliśmy wczoraj do jedzenia na świąteczne śniadanko :)

On the left: Mushroom deviled eggs; on the right: traditional Polish boiled vegetables salad with mayonnaise // Po lewej: jajka faszerowane pieczarkami; po prawej: typowa polska sałatka jarzynowa z majonezem

Mushroom deviled eggs with mayonnaise; on the right: meat pâté; in the glass cup there is a cranberry or cowberry meat sauce// Jajka faszerowane pieczarkami oraz po prawej pasztet mięsny; w szklanym pucharku żurawina lub borówka do mięs
Herring in oil with onions and dried tomatoes // Śledzie w oleju z cebulką i suszonymi pomidorami

In the glass cup on the left there is a traditional horseradish meat sauce // w szklanym pucharku po lewej jest tradycyjny polski chrzan

Roasted and rolled pork belly; roasted pork loin; salami sausage; smoked pork ham // Rolowany boczek pieczony; schab pieczony; kiełbasa salami; szynka wędzona
On the left upper corner there is a bowl with cowberry (lingonberry) meat sauce // w lewym górym rogu w miseczce jest borówka do mięs
Nontraditional but very tasty :) In the big glass bowl there is a 'Gyros' salad with chicken; below there are marinated mushrooms // Zupełnie nie polska potrawa, ale za to bardzo smaczna :) w dużej szklanej misce sałatka 'gyros' z kurczakiem i w miseczce poniżej grzybki marynowane
Chicken 'gyros' salad // sałatka 'gyros' z kurczakiem
Dry sausages and boiled eggs; on the right upper corner: pickled pumpkin // Sucha kiełbasa i jajka gotowane, a w prawym górym rogu marynowana dynia

Deviled eggs and on the right: cranberry meat sauce // jajka faszerowane, a po prawej żurawinowy sos do mięs


  1. Ohh, yum! Your dining room is as gorgeous as the food.

    1. Thank you! It's my mom's dining room :) and she made all these delicious dishes. She will be very pleased to read your comment :)

  2. It all looks delicious! I love eggs in all forms, I could live on eggs and vegetables alone and be content for the rest of my days.

    The room looks lovely too.

    1. Your diet looks similar to mine :) Eggs and vegetables, I'm also a big fan of grains.

  3. Since many people from Poland live in the UK now, Polish food is becoming better understood (and loved) by many British people. I admire the fact that you retain your cultural traditions so well! We could learn a lot from this.

  4. Wow your food looks wonderful. Your mom must have been cooking for days. Everything looks just so good and the table is very pretty. Looks like everyone had a great meal. Happy Easter and Spring.