Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunny end of December

Last few days surprised us with a sunny and pleasant aura. 
It was chilly of course, but the temperature stayed just above zero degrees and there were no frosts.

Love how the snowberry looks at this time of year, I must plant a few of these in my garden :)

European privet

I've just thought that combination of snowberry and European privet in a hedge would look quite interesting :)



A hudge mistletoe bought for Christmas.

Tomorrow is a New Year, 

I wish you all happiness, health and beautiful gardens! :) 

See You next year!  


  1. Dear Dewberry,
    a happy New year to you too! May this coming year be peaceful and prosperous, healthy and successful in gardening!

  2. So beautiful. I like vases on fences.:))) Did not know that word 'snowberry'. So lovely. hehe
    Thank you for wishes. Want to wish you a very happy new year. Lots of pure love, lots of amazing moments, good health...and of course beautiful garden. :))

  3. Happy New Year The sun makes everything feel better and warner doesn’t it?

  4. Wszystkiego najlepszego w Nowym Roku :)

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