Friday, December 15, 2017

Winter is coming

Days in autumn are really short, and the weather is not spoiling us, so willing or not we're experiencing very strong winds, rain and snow from time to time. 

In November I dug up all the dahlias, some of them were in a bad condition due to heavy September rains. 
Currently, they're stored in a cold basement to overwinter. 
I'm going to check them every two weeks to see if they're not rotting.

Dahlia tubers after being dug up

 This year the first frost came a bit later than the previous year. 
This allowed us to enjoy some flowers in November and December. 

New Dawn


Burgundy Ice/Iceberg
Burgundy Ice/Iceberg



Calendula 'Kablouna'

The last sweet pea flower

White Meidiland rose



Late and forgotten phlox

Then at the beginning of December it snowed a lot but some of the plants didn't even notice it. 
They keep flowering until now :)

Burgundy Iceberg

Our young orchard, trees are protected from hares and roe deers that eat the bark

Rose hips

Lavender Dream rose

Rudbeckias abviously don't care about the weather

Pink symphoricarpos in a snow hat

I don't want to but I'm forced to take a winter gardening break. 
It's cold outside and it will be much colder.
I love working in the garden but I'll have to wait 2 or 3 months to start doing anything outside. 

Now, I'm going to focus on Christmas holidays, bake some gingerbread cookies with my children and decorate the house :)


  1. Stunning photos. Flowers give happiness. <3 Ohhh here is no snow anymore...what a pity. Have a very nie days. :)

  2. Kwiaty w zimowej oprawie też piękne :) Ni to lato, ni to zima :) Serdecznie pozdrawiam :)