Saturday, September 23, 2017

Oh Wow / Purple Splash rose

Oh Wow / Purple Splash Rose - is a large-flowered climber. It can grow up to 400 cm high. 
I planted mine last autumn, but since then it has grown to about 1,4m high and bloomed a few flowers. It's still flowering though. 

The first developed blooms had been eaten by some insects so I had to wait more to see these fancy purple flowers. 

The first flowers had more white in a purple-white mix, but the next were darker. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cosmoses, my favourite annuals

Cosmoses (cosmos bipinnatus) are my favourite annual flowers.

I love them for their typical shape of petals, like in a children's painting. 

I love them because they're easy to grow, they self-seed and they flower till the first frosts.   

Most of them grow high (1,2m or even 2m), but nowadays you can buy shorter, dwarf varieties that will fit in any garden.

 They attract bees and butterflies. 

I absolutely adore them :)

Take a look at range of varieties I planted this year.

White and Pink

Pink Popsocks

Cupcakes White

Cupcakes Pink


 White Double Click


White Sensation

Typical pink one

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mushroom picking

At this time of year, we always go mushrooming. Weather works in our favour so we're picking them, drying, freezing and of course eating :) 

We have parasol mushrooms growing in our garden, so there're always some to pick.

There are more other species we pick, for example, porcini, or bay boletes. 

When my mom goes mushrooming, she always returns with hundreds of mushrooms :)

We also have some oyster mushrooms growing on a stump. 

Autumn is almost here...

Black cherry (prunus serotonina), picked for a liqueur which is my favourite :) 

Mammoth Grey sunflower is probably too late variety for my region and I'm afraid seeds won't  mature before first frosts, but we'll see, maybe autumn will be warm and sunny, who knows?

Chrysantemums and asters are flowering so it means summer has ended.

Late marigolds are also in full bloom. 

And autumn-colored dahlias :)