Friday, October 27, 2017

Striped roses

I have several striped roses in my small collection.

I've never thought I would like such roses - but I do, I find them quite eye-catching.

Rosa Mundi / Versicolor




Oh Wow / Purple Splash

Oranges and Lemons

New Imagine

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Late autumn flowers

Yesterday I went to the plot to plant some new roses that had arrived earlier this week. 

We've been having an Indian Summer since Monday, beautiful, warm and pleasant aura. 
I can't even imagine that the weather is unfortunately going towards much colder temperatures. 
I still haven't done all in the garden that I had planned for the autumn, and what worries me is that frost and snow is forecast for the end of the month. 

I was surprised that there are still so many dahlias flowering.
 The trees behind them are shedding leaves, and the green color all around looks a bit worn out.

I planted new roses such as: Bouquet Parfait, Cesar, Schneewittchen (bushy and climbing), White and Yellow Fairy, Myriam and more. 

Some of the roses on a flower bed are still flowering and many have buds. 

Here Lavender Flower Circus - suits my wellies 😁

Uetersener Klosterrose

I also spotted some autumn raspberries hidden in the grass :)
All plant is just about 30 cm high and bears fruit like crazy! 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Beauty of lettuce

Usually, when we think of lettuce - we see green butterhead, rarely iceberg or cos - but they come in so many variations that some of them don't even look like lettuce.

The lettuces in the pictures below were grown 2 years ago in my garden. 
Since then I haven't been able to grow much lettuce, because of slugs. 
2 years ago I'd spotted a few slugs in my garden, but this year we had a plaque of them! 
That means we had no lettuce this year.
 I love eating and growing lettuce, so next year I'll protect it with a net and plant it in a raised bed. I hope this will help :) 

Deer Tongue

 Devil's Ear

 Celtuce Karola





Bronze Beauty



Tom's Thumb

 2 years ago was a good year to grow lettuce.